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We were not the easiest clients to work with, between the sale of our old house, and our ever-shifting priorities when searching for our new house.

We weren't even certain which area we wanted to live in. I was so grateful for Daniyal's patience, knowledge, and unwavering positivity. He truly listened to our concerns and our changing lists of "non-negotiable, must-haves." He was so responsive and available to answer questions, set up showings, and explain his concerns about certain neighbourhoods and houses. In short, I was blown away by his commitment and passion for finding us the perfect house. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Gillian Catena

When looking for a realtor, it helps to find someone that truly cares about you as the buyer and understands your needs.

Danny gets a lot of pride and joy from doing just that and I couldn't have had a better experience as a result. From last minute additions to an already busy day of showings to giving me an extra hand on move in day, Danny was extremely helpful. He listened to exactly what I was looking for and always had vital information and advice. There was never a time where I felt like he wasn't looking out for my best interests. Even when I went way out of my intended zone just to take a look at other options, he had no complaints and only asked my opinion and if he should provide more listings of the area. When it came time for making an offer and subsequent negotiations, I felt confident that Danny made it his mission for me to get the best price possible. As a result, I closed at a price nearly 5% below what was listed. Thanks Danny!

Mitchell Godor

Daniyal Nasiri is: professional, experienced, ethical, knowledgeable, informative, a good communicator, hard working.

I highly recommend contacting Daniyal for your real estate needs.

Karen Giesbrecht

As first time buyers we had only a vague idea of what the buying process entailed.

Daniyal's experience and expertise helped us to not only find the house that was perfect for us, but he made the entire process from negotiations to closing extremely easy for us to understand. He even continued to negotiate for us after we got a price we were comfortable with, saving us a couple more thousand dollars! He was always available to go see houses, even on less than 24 hour notice. Not once did we feel rushed to make a decision, and were even advised to take a step back and think about our decisions a bit more before proceeding with any offers. Daniyal was always up front and honest about his conversations with other realtors and sellers. We always felt like Daniyal was working for us and not just working for a commission. He was able to refer us to mortgage advisors, lawyers, inspectors, pretty much any professional we needed as part of the buying process. There is not one negative thing we could say about our experience.

Steve Ghantous

Daniyal not only made our first time home buying experience a breeze, he made it a delight.

His communication and care towards us was impeccable and was as absolute pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend him to anyone of my friends and family. We sincerely recognize him as an excellent professional and a fantastic new friend!!

Justin Herrmann

Being a first-time home buyer is extremely nerve racking and put my stress levels at an all time high.

Spending hours upon hours looking through property after property it became mind numbing very quickly. That is when I decided that I should look into finding someone that could provide some valuable insight and expertise. I chose Daniyal Nasiri on a glowing recommendation and it was the best decision I have ever made. Being a student and working at the same time, the free time I had to look at homes was severely limited, but that was no problem with Daniyal. I would give him the times I had free during the week and he would always find a way to make it fit in his busy schedule. We looked at everything from newly built condos to older small family homes. I know it could not have been easy to deal with a client that had no real firm idea on what I wanted in a home, but no matter how much the properties I wanted to see varied from week to week Daniyal was more than willing to oblige. Not only was Daniyal instrumental in narrowing down properties I was interested in, but also was able to provide contacts to get pre-approvals and financing all in order. Looking back on the whole process from start to end, if it wasn’t for Daniyal I would not be a homeowner right now. For anyone nervous about looking for a home or even if you have no idea where to begin, all I can say is that calling Daniyal Nasiri will be the best first step you can possibly make in this endeavor. He goes above and beyond, and there is not enough nice things I can say about him. Thank-you Daniyal, none of this would have been possible without you.

Chase Becker

Julie-ann and Daniyal was absolutely amazing to work with.

I felt like they both truly cared about us and wanted us to find a high quality property that met our needs. They weren't afraid to be realistic with us when we were being unrealistic with our expectations, and would point out practical or impractical aspects of different properties that we might not have noticed. There were times when we had properties that we wanted to see, but they would recommend against it based on their knowledge of the neighbourhood or location, which saved us time in weeding out properties that wouldn't be a good fit for us. They were extremely patient and brought us back to properties whenever we wanted. We met Daniyal on a few of our visits to the property that we ended up buying and he provided great perspective and recommendations with our purchase. Both of them felt more like friends than realtors to us which made the experience really special. Now that we have purchased our property (which we are so pleased with!), we are going to miss seeing Julie-ann & Daniyal!

Emily Y

Daniyal did a great job negotiating the price on a property I purchased.

He was able to get me a purchase price that was lower than I had expected to pay. He was also very easy to work with and I felt like he represented me and my needs well. Thanks, Daniyal!

Tiyana Ramjeeawon

Having to move created a great challenge in selling.

There were repairs that needed to be done that I wasn't able to facilitate remotely. But Daniyal stepped up and took that responsibility from me to help get the property on the market. List it accordingly to fair market value. Which I researched the hell out of...as that trust kept building he sold it in reasonable time. It was a great experience as I am not easy to build trust with. I do my homework in the background to make sure I am not getting the run around or missed information for other people's gain and have regrets in the end. My house sold and bought a new one half a year later. Couldn't have been happier with how everything went. Thanks Daniyal.

Sam Modi

If you want a realtor who provides FIRST CLASS service beyond what you can imagine, Daniyal Nasiri is the realtor for you!

We were referred to him in our quest for exploring real estate investment opportunities in Calgary and he delivered a smooth, hassle-free service that checked all our boxes. He took the time to understand our needs carefully and provided detailed assessments based on our needs which resulted in us getting a better deal than we had initially envisioned! His knowledge of the industry is unparalleled, along with his extensive connections with other stakeholders, which made the process of acquiring a unit, both fast and incident free. Daniyal always found time to answer any questions that we could have at any time of the day, while ensuring that all responses were provided in detail. If there were 10 stars as an option to give Daniyal, he would definitely receive it! Do not even hesitate to call him for any real estate need you have! Absolutely no regret and I would recommend him 10 times over!

Property Kidds

Daniyal was the best!

He had a complete understanding of what we wanted, and had our backs the whole time. He helped us understand every option we had, and make us feel confident about our decisions. He guided us through the market. We waited so long to buy a house due to being scared of not having very great guidance in the past, and a fear of making a bad decision for our forever home. Within weeks we had our perfect house picked out, and we were excited, not stressed. If you’re looking for someone to work for you, and have your best interest at all times. Daniyal is your guy!

Kalen Palmer

Made the whole process easy.

Switched from trying to build to looking at resales and the whole time everything was seamless. Multiple last minute viewings of homes and a boatload of questions coming from a first time homebuyer didn't faze Daniyal at all. Would 100% recommend him to any friends or family that asked as he made the stress of finding a home almost non existent.

Jonah Longstaff

My husband and I cannot recommend Daniyal enough.

We were first time home buyers and unfamiliar with how the process worked. He was always able to work with our schedule and answered our emails and questions incredibly quickly. He was kind and patient while we went from viewing to viewing trying to find the perfect home. After several viewings and listening to our needs and wants Daniyal recommended looking at new builds, something we didn't know we could do with a realtor. Daniyal helped us find the perfect home and made sure that we fully understood the process of building and what to expect. He was able to negotiate a great purchase price for us, something else we didn't know we could do with a new build. Thank you Daniyal for the time and effort you put in to help us find a home we will love for years to come.

Elisea Hnatyshin

Daniyal and his team are top notch!

Highly qualified and professional, Daniyal helped us buy our Calgary area home with ease. As out of town buyers, Daniyal and team, did all the research and negotiations, to get us the biggest “bang for our real estate buck”. We highly recommend Daniyal and his team for all your real estate transactions. Thank you Nasiri family!

Uly Di Giacomo

We have bought and sold homes with Daniyal and the experience is always second to none.

He goes above and beyond to make sure the entire process goes smoothly. His communication skills are amazing and he will quickly answer any questions you might have. If you're buying or selling without Daniyal, you're doing it wrong!

Evan D

Daniyal is incredibly genuine and will always have your best interest at heart.

He is honest and truthful and helps you make the most informed decision. We really appreciated this when looking for our first home. He is so knowledgeable about the city and using all the tools at his disposal to make sure you are making the right choice in the home you choose. We are so grateful for Daniyal.

Alysson DeChamp

Most amazing agent.

He went beyond many times and always made us feel like we were his number one priority. Was always there to help or answer questions no matter what time of the day it was. This is a friendship I will value and appreciate for many years to come.

Andrea Nilsson

Daniyal did a great job negotiating the price on a property I purchased.

He was able to get me a purchase price that was lower than I had expected to pay. He was also very easy to work with and I felt like he represented me and my needs well. Thanks, Daniyal!

Tiyana Ramjeeawon

When we were referred to Daniyal we were very concerned and upset over the success we had trying to sell our house.

Daniyal immediately made us feel optimistic and more confident in the selling of the house. He first got us educated in the market and what we could do to help in the presentation and marketing of the home. From the very moment we started working with him he did everything he stated that he would do. He did not wait around and let the house sell itself. He blitzed the market with open houses and extra advertising. We instantly had more showings of our house than we had in the last 7 months. The property was sold through an open house. At the end we felt like Daniyal was more like a family friend than our realtor. I would highly recommend him for any realty transactions and we are more than willing to talk directly to folks that want to check into it further.

Kevin Jessup

My realtor Daniyal, go above and beyond to help me.

Without him I would not be able to purchase my property at this time. I will recommend him 100%.

Marie Sean

We were referred to Daniyal by our coworker/friend, at the time I had a very vague idea of what my fiancé and I were looking for.

Daniyal helped guide us step by step. Starting from letting us know how to get started with the pre-approval to finalizing the sale with the builder. What stood out to me was his dedication to his clients. I felt like I could call or text him at any time during the day. Which is quiet amazing considering he has a family! We looked at variety of properties within the 1-3 month process before we settled on the final one. Daniyal was honest about every single negative and positive with every property. Also, it never felt like he was pulling us to any specific one which made me feel comfortable. Daniyal is also a very friendly but stern person. He is very supportive and not judgmental in the slightest. Also, he negotiated a really good deal for us and dropped the price significantly. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell. Overall a very positive experience!

Eugene Kozobrod

When we needed a new realtor to sell, I emailed three agents that were close to me with great reviews.

I attached a copy of a home inspection we had done on our own house and a copy of the old listing (from the agent we fired). One of the realtors did not respond. The second emailed back asking for a phone number but hadn’t read the report. Daniyal read the report and old listing, sent back suggestions, asked interesting follow up questions, and set up a search for similar houses like ours for price setting. This amount of extra work was consistent during the whole process. The staging, photos, negotiation with the buyer (had a sold in a week after months on the market with our old agent), finding a new house, dealing with maintenance concerns, and negotiating them. Excellent work at every stage. I highly recommend interviewing realtors not just picking someone at random. I’m sure if you talk to Daniyal Nasiri you’ll be impressed.

Darren Lloyd

Daniyal stepped up when I needed him the most!

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to sell my home. It was an incredibly stressful time but throughout all of it Daniyal worked hard to alleviate a lot of the stress. He helped by providing advice towards what items to fix in the house to increase the value and when I couldn't find someone to help fix them he'd take it on. All of his marketing such as Videos, Photos, Booklets and so on were fantastic which ultimately helped us achieve a SOLD in less than a week. When it came to possession day I needed help clearing my things out of the house and who showed up to help!? DANIYAL!! I'm ever so grateful for Daniyal and couldn't have asked for a better real estate professional. THANK YOU SO MUCH DANIYAL!!

Carly Harrand

Very personable and knowledgeable.

Would highly recommend to any home buyer or seller. Will be my agent on all future purchases and sales

James Thurston

Can't thank Daniyal enough for all his hard work.

He was with us from the beginning providing helpful advice when it came to staging the home right to the end by helping with the move. Daniyal was always available and patiently answered our multitude of questions.

Katherine Sammut

We are beyond grateful to Daniyal for helping us find our first home!

As new homebuyers, Daniyal went above and beyond to walk us through every step of the homebuying process, making sure we felt comfortable along the way. He took the time to show us a variety of houses during the start of our search to ensure we knew what we were looking for in a home. Daniyal was always very quick to respond and made us feel like valued clients. He helped us understand the housing market and negotiated us a great deal for our home. We will be recommending Daniyal's services to our friends and family!

Jordan Zukowski

Daniyal was amazing to work with.

At the time when we were looking both myself and my fiancé were living out of town. I would always go see the houses first and my fiancé would go see them after me, if I thought they were worth looking at. In one day Daniyal and myself saw over 8 houses and as soon as we walked into some of them I said no and we moved on to the next house. He was always able to meet when we needed to meet with him and when we were ready to write an offer, he was amazing at getting us not only a good price, but more of the things we wanted and needed as well. My mom and sister just both recently purchased their own houses and when they got the keys to their houses, the houses were dirty and took hours of cleaning. With Daniyal's help, not only did we move into a professionally cleaned house, but we got the air ducts cleaned out as well. He also negotiated things I wouldn't have thought of and had our backs and best interests in mind with the entire process. We wrote offers on two houses, when we didn't get the first house, Daniyal is the one who found the house we finally purchased. It checked all our boxes and is better than we could have believed. Both the lawyer and the inspector he suggested to use we both amazing as well. Daniyal told us the ups and downs on every property. Honestly the best experience in buying our first house and we will be using him again in the future for our next house.

Vanessa Van Diesen

I've followed Daniyal on Social Media for well over a year and finally decided to reach out to him after listening to his videos about planning for your future.

To say that he was amazing is an understatement.... When we first talked, I was nowhere near ready to buy a house yet he still spent his time educating me and teaching me how to obtain what I wanted. Once I was ready we saw a ton of houses and daniyal didn't complain once. We finally found the property I liked and even though it was priced extremely well, he got me the property for $25,000 less!! I would recommend Daniyal to anyone because without him, I would still be lost trying to figure this all out and wouldn't be a homeowner today.

Ethan McKenzie

We worked with Danny who helped us find the home of our dreams.

We had 30 days to find a new home after moving across the country. Danny helped us find everything we needed and really looked out for our best interest through a what seemed at the time a very challenging deal. I have and will continue to recommend Danny!

Kevin Bandelow

We had the pleasure of working with Daniyal and his amazing team during our sale and purchase of a new home.

He was an extremely professional and well organized realtor that was always available to answer questions and support us through the process. The most important thing I could say is that at the end of the day, the Nasiri group were not our realtors but our friends. They went above and beyond in every way to ensure we sold our home and bought a dream home for my family. We would highly redeemed them in every way. You are taken care of from start to finish including marketing and home inspection. Having someone you can trust is the most critical aspect of a realtor relationship. Our trust and friendship will always remain years on from our business relationship. You won’t go wrong with the Nasiri group, they treat you like family and go above and beyond. Not much more you can ask from your realtor!

Justin Rebello

Daniyal was our realtor to purchase our new home and we are so happy to have gone through the home buying process with him by our side.

We came into the whole process not having known how anything works or what steps we needed to take. He went above and beyond our expectations of the “realtor” role and became so much more than that. He dug to find the perfect house for us that had everything on our list we were looking for and that fell below our budget. He negotiated an even better offer for us and has still continued to stand by us even through all the small things such as choosing cabinet colours and deciding where to buy our grass from! I would proudly recommend Daniyal to anyone looking to buy or sell and say with confidence that if you do you will have a great experience!

Liz Hudson

I had used Daniyal to sell my house and help me buy a new one.

He helped me with way to get my house ready for selling with ideas to bring space to the room. Daniyal was great at providing feed back after showings or open houses to see what may help me sell. Easy to get in contact with and get help and opinions if needed. Buying the house was super easy with Daniyal help as he found showing based off my interest and budget for my house. Always punctual to meet me when we walked through a house and when i decided on a property, he took care of the negotiations. I have recommended him to others who all said he was wonderful.

Steven Baker

Danny was amazing to work with, he knew the market and helped me prepare my home for sale and got me over asking for my home in less than 12 hours!

Danny was an amazing negotiator on our purchase and went above and beyond in finding a home that met our unusual needs. We wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

Hazel Gray

Danny will take the time to get to understand your needs and then research properties that fit that need.

He is well versed in all aspects of his business and will provide the best advice you require. He is very personable and extremely professional. I would highly recommend him to any buyer or seller, they will not be disappointed in his work. My wife and I are very happy with his services and we feel he is a part of our family during this hectic time.

John MacCormack

Daniyal was incredibly helpful in helping me find my first home, right from day one of the process!

It was my first time looking for a home, and Daniyal made sure I had all the information I needed to ensure I was informed in all my decisions. Any time I had a question, he was available via text or a quick call to assist me. Every time I started to feel overwhelmed by the process, I knew I could get in touch with him to get myself back on track. He's extremely knowledgeable about the entire home buying process from starting the search to moving in, and it's clear that he cares about what's best for his clients. I'm grateful to Daniyal for helping me throughout this process, and I highly recommend him.

Patrick Large

Daniyal was terrific.

Very professional, knowledgeable about the area and the entire process. In the end a great negotiator and able guide us to conclude a purchase that we are very happy with.

Oliver Perrotte

Daniyal and the MaxWell Elite Realty team proved time and again that with with thorough knowledge of home construction and the local market, we were in the best hands possible for our new home purchase.

In the past, we have had the experience with numerous realtors but non could compare to the knowledge, service, professionalism and integrity to DanIyal. Thank you Daniyal, for your exceptional service and patience. It was amazing working with you again.

Maria Gray

Daniyal was an amazing realtor!

! We had already met with a realtor that didn't want to really give us the time or day to talk about listing our home but they provided a suggested list price and didn't seem to value our property. We were then recommended to Daniyal by a mortgage representative, he immediately blew us away with his honesty and approach. He told us about how beautiful our property was and that it doesn't necessarily have a great comparable in the community due to the renovations we had done. He suggested a list price that was $70,000 OVER what the other agent told us to list at!! We were shocked and didn't know what to do at that point but Daniyal walked us through how he's going to market the property and push to get us this higher amount (in a slow market). We chose to trust him with our listing and he immediately went to work. It sure paid off as within the 3 short days, we had multiple offers and sold $30,000 over ASKING! Meaning we sold $100,000 over what the other agent told us to sell for!!! Daniyal ensured that we understood the whole process, took control of most of it for us to make it easier for us and made sure that we got exactly everything we could from the sale. I will forever be thankful to him for what he's done, and I will definitely be recommending him to everyone we know!

Dawne R

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